JUNE 2020 to NOVEMBER 2021

Front End & WordPress Developer - Founder

Noomeh offers a fast, easy and fun way to order a wide range of personalized photo products like postcards and e-cards straight from a website with over +10K users. I created Noomeh in 2020 during Covid19.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  • Front-end Implementation with JavaScript (jQuery and Angular for editor) to decrease full page load time below 4 seconds, and first view load time below two seconds
  • Design and implementation of the Ecard plugin: User-Friendly Pluging which helps users to create e-cards with their own images in a few seconds including checkout and payments
  • “Plant a tree” plugin: Noomeh plants a tree by selling 40 items. This progress is shown to the user on the product page.
  • Create custom SMS and Email notifications systems for newsletter and e-card system
  • Design and implementation of main Landing pages
  • Create a custom plugin for Noomeh’s Wallet system for supporting 2 Currency and Create a custom payment gateway plugin with the Yekpay gateway system.

Key Achievements:

  • Users created and sent +1,000 postcards and e-cards for Iranian New Year (march 2020) in three days on the Noomeh website through influencer marketing on social networks
  • Planting over 250 trees at Areas at risk of drought through selling postcards and E-cards by allocating 25% of sales for each item

NOVEMBER 2017 to MAY 2020

Front End Developer - CoFounder

Wink Application

I was Co-Founder and head of marketing and later front-end developer at Wink. WinkApp was a Flea-market for second-hand clothes with over +100K users.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities as Front-end Developer:

  • Design and implementation of introduction website and Landing pages for different campaigns, PWA UX/UI Design for Mobile and Desktop (to increase iOS users registration rate on Winkapp)
  • Design and Implementation PWA with Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, and REST-API
  • Design Referral Marketing service for App and Implementation on Front end with JavaScript (increase registration from to 45% and sold listing to 7%)
  • Create a Wordpress blog for SEO purposes to get brand awareness and app download
  • Design Content Strategy for landing pages, social media Channels, and Winkapp blog

Key Achievements:

  • We reached over 100/000 registered-active users and created a first-born 6Bilioin Toman market in the Second-hand fashion industry in Iran.
  • Load Time of the first view was under 1 sec,also I increase in-app time by 5 min in comparison with native apps
  • Implemented PWA for iOS users, which increased iOS registration to 75%, added listing to 50%, and sold listing to 35%.
  • increase registration from to 45% and sold listing to 7%

MAY 2014 to OCTOBER 2017

Front-end & WordPress Developer

BrandCo - Advertising Agency

BrandCo was a digital agency passionate about storytelling, visual design, and technology. The team collaborates with small to large companies in Iran to help them engage their audiences and build brand recognition.

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  • UI/UX website designer and Front-end Developer for an advertising agency. I have created an average of three minor websites or one primary website per month.
  • Design and implement corporate and catalog WordPress's templates for small and offline businesses from scratch with vanilla JavaScript and jQuery or with prominent WordPress themes and plugins like Elementor, Visual Composer, WooCommerce, EDD, ...
  • I standardized all output with a new, responsive, mobile-first approach and strategy.
  • Designing an E-commerce website for offline firms
  • Designing and producing advertising campaigns for companies on theirs's websites

Key Achievements:

  • I have implemented a new responsive, mobile-first approach for our clients, which increased their mobile traffic by 50%.

JUNE 2009 to APRIL 2014

Junior Front End Developer

Mung Studio

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  • Implementation of Webpages from UI designs
  • Design and implement a static website with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for the studio's clients
  • Learn UX and UI more advanced for a year, like an internship from our head of design

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Part Time Projects


Front-end Developer is a personal website for a marketing strategist to show his skills and Experiments.

  • Design and implementation of a single-page personal website to present his business to other people
  • Create all animation with CSS and SCSS
  • Use Fullpage JS library to create slide section with the scroll

OCTOBER 2017 to JANUARY 2020

PHP Developer

Yekpays is an international online payment platform, aims to facilitate international transactions for individuals and businesses with safe, fast and fair-cost services.

Design and implementation of Financial and payment plugins for content management systems:

  • WordPress (WooCommerce, EDD, Gravity Form)
  • Joomla (RsForm)
  • Prestashop
  • Fusion CMS
  • Magento
  • Open Cart

JULY 2016 to DECEMBER 2018

Front-end & WordPress Developer

Saboktar was offering a fast, easy and cheap way to travel. It started in July 2016 when 3 of my friends and I had an idea for a website to show our travel experiences with the world.

  • Design logo and UI Components
  • Design and implementation of website
  • Create Social contents and layout for instagram like video and virbal contents

OCTOBER 2016 to OCTOBER 2017

Front end Developer

Design and implementation of MVP website with services like Advanced Profile System for Actors, Directors, and Admins Online acting audition for novice actors, they could upload their videos as Director wants and apply for a job.


2008 - 2012

Bachelor's Degree

Civil Engineering Qaemshahr University, Iran


HTML, CSS, JavaScript (ES8, JSX and Vanilla), Redux, jQuery, SASS, SCSS, JSS, Bootstrap, PHP-WordPress, Restful API


Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Aftereffect, Adobe XD, Adobe LightRoom, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator






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